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Energetic! Informative! Dynamic! Authentic!


"Michele's presentation techniques effectively fills the space with her audience! Her unique ability to assert herself while delivering interesting concepts with enthusiasm grabs and holds your attention. For the wider audience, Michele's strengths are further evident in her effectiveness in responding to questions." - K.A.

I design and deliver customized training sessions to suit your individual, professional, and organizational needs. Some of my current sessions include (but are not limited to):

Composed, Unruffled, Effective

Unexpected circumstances and unrealistic expectations of others can leave you disappointed and frustrated making you feel as if you don't have control. How then do you remain composed and professional, demonstrate discipline, and position yourself to emerge?

Conflict Resolution

Knowing the difference between resolving conflict and managing it can be a game changer! Get ready to show up in the world with greater clarity about handling conflict that results in amenable results.

The WHY Factor

Life can be unforgiving, unexpected, and at times unfair! The WHY Factor will address the three aspects of the "why's" that occur in your life and how they can be used to empowr others.

Effective Communication: Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me or are you listening? Knowing the difference can save your image, and your career from the frustration of miscommunicated messages. Understand the importance of being an effective communicator as both, an encoder and decoder.

Five C's of Leadership

There is a distinct difference between a leader and a manager! Understanding the Five C's of Leadership sets you apart from average and shapes you to be a replicator of effective leaders.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to effectively lead, transform, or mentor others relies on your self-awareness, recognizing your biases, and navigating your proclivities that hinder productive relationships.

Defining Your Leadership Style

Your leadership style is essential! Your identified style will guide how to engage, maintain, and groom your followers. Not knowing or understanding your leadership style has the ability to damage emerging leaders or disengage desired followers.

Estate Planning

Are your ready? Being prepared for the unthinkable, unimaginable, and unexpected is an act of personal responsibility and accountablity. Be administratively prepared for your life's final arrangements.

...and More