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Online Courses Offerings

Counseling Women

This 10-week online course focuses on issues that are particular to women, with an emphasis on psychological, cultural, developmental, sexuality, career, and mental health aspects including developmental and situational crises and those implications or techniques used to help them. Such a course would assist the student to develop a rationale and course of action that will guide him/her as he/she works with women and their specific issues in counseling. Students will be able to identify various women's issues and use a variety of techniques and approaches to counsel women through life's issues.

Cost: $400.00 (Reg. $1,275.00) / Payment Plans Available (Pay Here)

Domestic Violence Crisis Counseling

This 10-week course focuses on the basic crisis concepts, assessment, strategies for prevention, intervention, and possible links for persons at risk for or currently affected by intimate partner violence or abuse. The course will view the intersection of abuse, victimization, self-destructive behaviors from a cross-section, cross-cultural perspective giving students a greater understanding of the intimate violence experience. 

Cost: $400.00 (Reg. $1,275.00) / Payment Plans Available (Pay Here)

Estate Planning Webinar

This 1-hour Webinar is presented to help individuals to be administratively ready for the inevitable. It discusses the top 7-Top Tips of Estate Planning and includes an intimate Q&A session at the end. This webiner is great for families, churches, organizations, etc. Groups are encouraged to register together! Click here to see more information on Estate Planning!

Cost: $25.00 (Reg. $75.00) (Pay Here)